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Angela G.

“Dana did an exceptional job and really took the scariness out of trademarks for me. She is so patient and takes the time to help her clients understand what it is they are getting into. She helped to make me aware of any potential issues that could arise, and is very thorough in both her research and explanations. I would not recommend doing the search on your own because you can scour the internet, but it’s not really going to be effective if you’re missing some really key aspects of where that mark could be. I know that when I turn things over to Dana she has my best interests in mind, will perform a thorough search, and will not nickel-and-dime me to increase billing. She always makes me feel like my questions are important and provides incredible insight to help me understand the process. Dana ensures that there’s transparency throughout the whole process giving me peace of mind and confidence that hiring her was a great decision for me and my company."
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