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Dana Dickson

Prior to founding my own firm dedicated to trademark law, I worked for years at the USPTO reviewing thousands of trademark applications. I have also argued before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

Before that, I worked for a boutique civil litigation firm representing individuals and businesses. I also have work experience with a variety of nonprofit and arts and cultural organizations such as a musical performance venue, opera company, and art galleries and museums in the U.S. and in Europe.


Education: I  graduated in the top 15% of my class from Emory Law (a Top 30 law school), and I hold a Master's degree in Arts Administration.

Memberships: I am a member of the International Trademark Association (INTA) as well as the Intellectual Property Sections of the American Bar Association, the Virginia Bar, and the Georgia Bar. I am also a member of INTA's Young Practitioners Committee and Co-Chair of the Events Subcommittee.

Industries: While I work most often with breweries, distilleries, and wine producers, I also work with clients from solopreneurs and small startups to companies with a multinational presence in a wide variety of industries including podcasts, cosmetics, health care and  mental health services,  restaurants, retail stores, video games and toys, fashion, supplements,  financial services and cryptocurrency, food and beverage, graphic design, electronics, computer software and apps, magazines and book series including comic books, biotech, education, IT and telecommunications, stationery, nonprofits, research and development, staffing and recruitment, consulting, marketing, entertainment including performance and production, sports equipment, and special events planning. That's just a representative sample and doesn't cover every type of business I work with; if you don't see your industry listed, feel free to contact me and see if we're a good fit.   


Why I do what I do: Ideally, when you roll up your shirtsleeves and get down to work, it should feel like this. For me, trademark law is that engaging and absorbing. I'm lucky to work with innovative clients who are passionate about their projects, and I have the satisfaction of finding creative ways to solve their problems and help them get (and keep) something they really want. I recognize that my clients already have an endless to-do list, and it's a wonderful feeling to make what could be a frustrating and confusing process as smooth, streamlined, and easy for them as possible. If that sounds like the kind of ally you want supporting and protecting your brand, let's talk!

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