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If you're searching for an attorney who understands the trademark registration process inside out and who cares as much about your application as you do, you've come to the right place! For years, I worked at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office reviewing thousands of trademark applications like yours. I left the Trademark Office and founded Dana Dickson Law , a firm devoted to trademarks, to help creatives, entrepreneurs and business owners protect their logos, business names, and product names with trademark registrations.

My job is to take the stress and tedium out of this process so that you can get your registration as quickly as possible and put your focus back on doing what you love.

You will also get the kind of personalized attention and respect that's hard to find in the legal world: I do NOT pass files off to paralegals or less experienced attorneys. Instead, I personally handle every aspect of your project from start to finish. You should get what you pay for - not just my signature on the bottom of a document written by someone you've never heard of or met. When you want to talk about your trademark, you'll have a conversation with me. Every time. And although this shouldn't be rare, it is: I promise to listen to you.


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For a free conversation

about your mark,

schedule a call. 



I'll meet you wherever you are in the process.

Whether you need help searching for your mark, filing an application to register it with the USPTO, overcoming a refusal, transferring ownership of  a registration, or filing documents to renew your registration, I'm happy to help. For more details about available services, click here.



I worked at the USPTO for years reviewing thousands of applications. I know how your application will be evaluated and the kinds of arguments that convert refusals to registrations. Better yet, I know many ways to avoid refusals in the first place. This is a niche field of law that is not intuitive and has obscure exceptions and exceptions to the exceptions. Even small mistakes can result in significant delays, additional fees, and sometimes even in the refusal of marks that could otherwise have been registered. 


Because I cut out the unnecessary overhead, I can charge reasonable and predictable fees. For most services, I charge FLAT FEES instead of hourly rates. That means transparent pricing upfront and no surprises or hidden fees. If I think your chances of getting a registration are low, I tell you so. My flat fee quotes include all fees paid for searches and as filing fees to the USPTO.

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My firm is devoted to trademark law. Trademark application services aren't something I offer "on the side." Do you really want your guide though this process to be someone who doesn't know too much about it but thinks they can probably figure it out? If you felt that lukewarm about your brand, you probably wouldn't be trying to get a registration in the first place. 


Instead of having a paralegal review a computer-generated search report, I personally search the federal register for your mark using the same methods that I relied on when reviewing applications at the USPTO. On top of that, I evaluate your application materials for dozens of potential issues that might prevent the application from being approved. The point in hiring an attorney is to cut through the red tape and get your brand protected as quickly as possible. I get out ahead of any potential issues identified and correct them before filing.



All fees can be paid securely online by credit card or electronic check; and you never need to travel to my office, search for parking, or waste time in a waiting room: all communications are by phone or e-mail at times that are convenient for you.

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