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I need someone to search for my mark and

tell me if someone else is already using it


I offer 2 types of searches at 2 different price points:



I search the U.S. federal trademark register using the same methods that I relied on when reviewing applications at the USPTO.




In addition to searching the U.S. federal trademark register, I also look at:


  • U.S. state trademark registers

  • U.S. state records of business name registrations

  • Domain name records


  • Social media usage

I analyze the search results and summarize them in a letter as free from legalese as possible. I rate the risk of refusal due to similarity with another mark, and if I find any significant obstacles to your path to registration, I talk you through each one, explain if there is any way to solve them, and provide my experienced-based opinion about how likely you would be to overcome those problems. The cost of the search includes a detailed telephone call to go over any questions you have. If I think it's unlikely your mark would be registered, I don't file, and I don't charge you any additional fees.


Cost: flat fee. Total cost depends on total number of marks searched and type of search (targeted or comprehensive).


For a free conversation

about your mark,

schedule a call. 


All fees can be paid securely online by credit card or e-check.

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