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I need help renewing my registration.

If you have a federal registration for your mark, you will need to pay fees and file certain documents (called Sections 8, 15, or 71 declarations or a Section 9 renewal application) periodically to keep your registration alive. Which one you need to file depends on:

  • the type of registration you have


  • how long you've had it


You will also need to submit specimens of use (proof that you use the mark with the goods/services in your registration). If you don't file maintenance documents, your registration can be cancelled, and you're back to square one. 


I can review your registration and specimens of use, figure out which documents need to be filed, and submit them to the USPTO for you.


Cost: flat fee that includes both my fees and the USPTO's filing fees. Total costs depends on:

  • how many registrations need to be renewed

  • how many Classes are in each registration

  • which type of document needs to be filed


  • whether you have missed the deadline to file these documents.

In some cases, if you have missed your filing deadline but are still within the grace period, the maintenance documents may still be filed and the registration preserved, but the USPTO will charge a higher filing fee. For that reason, I can only calculate the fee for these services, after viewing your registration to determine what needs to be filed and how much the USPTO filing fees will be.

For a free conversation

about your mark,

schedule a call. 


All fees can be paid securely online by credit card or e-check.

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