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The USPTO refused my application.

If the USPTO refused your application, I may be able to help you overcome that refusal. I have helped clients from Georgia to Latvia to Australia convert refusals into registrations.


I review the refusal, and if I think there's a good chance of overcoming the refusal, I file a Response on your behalf or contact the USPTO to resolve the problems.


FEE: If I accept your case, I charge a flat fee for this service based on how complex the problems are. If I can fix your application quickly, the fee may be less than $200. If there are several complex problems, the cost may be $900 or more. Most of my Responses are in the $400 - 600 range.


Cost: flat fee, based on complexity of refusal. Because there are dozens of reasons for refusing an application, and because these problems (and their solutions) vary in difficulty and time required to handle them, I can only quote the amount of the fee after viewing the refusal.


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All fees can be paid securely online by credit card or e-check.

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